Dehcho DEC Meeting – June 14th

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Voices of the North – March 2024 edition

Our Mission

Serving our Community

The Dehcho Divisional Education Council will provide quality education based on the cultures of its students in partnerships with the communities they serve.

We celebrate this beautiful land and give our students an opportunity to appreciate and share their culture.

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Welcoming Address

“Education accelerates our learning, knowledge and skills. Earning an education will change our lives as individuals, it changes our personality with a positive attitude. We should believe in ourselves and respect everyone regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnicity and status in life. We want our educators, parents/guardians and leaders of our community to work together for the success of our children. We thank our teachers for providing education and our parents/guardian for building the foundation of our children. Our children are our future, they will be the next generation of leaders and workers. Time and technology is changing – we will learn from the young generation. We should believe in our children – smart, experiential, experimental, reasonable and constructive.”

Renalyn Pascua-Matte, DDEC Chairperson

I would like to share a few thoughts with you.

Our mission statement is to provide quality education based on the cultures of our students, in partnership with the communities that we serve. The key word in that statement is partnership. I am convinced that our success will largely depend on our willingness to work together for the students. Thank you for supporting our important mission of educating the communities’ children and young people.

The Dehcho Divisional Education Council is a solid institution with a rich history. We have a bright future ahead of us because we rely on a very dedicated staff. Our principals, teachers and UNW employees keep the best interests of our students at heart. We are all committed to providing students with a safe and caring learning environment.

We acknowledge that student performance in Nehendeh is not satisfactory. That said, we are determined to make a difference in the lives of our children. We will work together to set clear objectives with measurable outcomes. We will implement a Leveled Literacy Intervention program in all our schools as early as school year 2019 – 2020 because the key to student success is to read at level.

To our staff I would like to say that we are very grateful for the work that you do. We know that it is not always easy and we sincerely thank you for being patient with our children! If you are embracing new teaching practices, we thank you for being forward thinking and for looking towards the future with a positive mindset. If you keep our facilities clean, safe and in good condition, we want to acknowledge you for your important contribution to the team. Whatever you do in our system, it is important work and it makes a difference.

Mahsi Cho

P. Brûlot, Superintendent