Rationale for Trades Program

As the principal of Echo Dene school, I would like to explain the importance of offering trades to our students. The first reason has to do with the rate at which our students could enter the work force. Vocational training is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment in the career of their choice in a timely fashion. Second, trades programs allow for hands-on training. Most, if not all, of our students learn best when engaging in hands-on activities. Third, vocational training is specialized and allows for entry into careers that are in high demand. Graduates often get jobs quickly and have the ability to remain in their chosen field. Fourth, many students enjoy working with their hands. As student engagement and interest goes up, school retention improves.

I am so excited that we have partnered with Aurora College to bring trades to the Dehcho. Andy Reeb, a 3rd year Red Seal Carpenter, has begun offering a wood working course to High School students. Students have already learned about shop safety and are embarking on their first project. Excitement is permeating through the classroom.

Patrick Phillips (School Principal)