Voices of the North- Celebrating our Students and Communities

Voice of the North, Volume 1, Issue 3

Voices of the North is currently on its’ 3rd edition. I would like to extend a very warm thank you to Philippe Brulot, superintendent of schools for the Dehcho, for helping to bring this publication to the Northwest Territories (NWT). Having said this, the development of the newspaper has been steeped in a spirit of collaboration from day one.

            To date, we have received contributions from nearly all school jurisdictions in the NWT. In fact, a number of our students have contributed articles. As a result, one of our students was given an opportunity to write for UpHere magazine. For her work, she received a sizeable stipend. Part of our long-term vision, is to employ former students, interested in journalism, to help run the newspaper. Ultimately, the impetus behind the newspaper is to celebrate the positive achievements of students, staff, and community members throughout the north.