DEHCHO Divisional Education Council Log
DEHCHO Divisional Education Council Logo

Our logo is enclosed in a circle that represents both the circle of life and the sacred drum. Education is like the circle in that it has no beginning and no end. Each day we have the opportunity to learn more about self and others. The circle also represents the four components of the individual, the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional, which must be in balance in order for the person to function effectively.

The open book represents the formal education of the child as they attend school. The teepee, which is secured in the pages of the book, indicates that education must be grounded in culture. The frame of the teepee is built with eight poles, each of which represents a community in the Dehcho that has a school. The poles meeting at the apex indicate the establishment of the Divisional Board, April 1990, which governs the educational programs in the division.

The river is the Dehcho that connects all of the communities. The river provides and sustains life for those who live along its shore. Like the river, education is available to all those who seek out the sustenance which it will provide.

The mountains, like education, represent a challenge. In accepting the challenge one assumes its tremendous demands. It perhaps means facing discouragement and disappointments along the way, but it is through overcoming and pressing on to reach the summit that fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment can be appreciated. It is from here that one is able to view the path covered and look upon the many new opportunities that are now available. Reaching one summit often reveals another higher peak that offers another challenge to those who will accept.