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Bryan Strong


Charles Yohin School
GD Nahanni Butte, NT
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Our community of Nahɂą Dehé and our School

Charles Yohin School

Charles Yohin School is the community school of Nahanni Butte, NT and member of the Dehcho Educational Divisional Council based in Fort Simpson, NT. We offer culturally responsive programming from junior kindergarten to grade ten. We believe in promoting the creation of healthy, confidant, and skilled contributors to society. Charles Yohin School is strongly supported by the District Education Authority and Naha Dehe Dene Band.

Charles Yohin School is a multigraded First Nations community school. It provides a rich literacy and numeracy instruction through collaborative and supportive programming. The staff foster inquiry and collaboration through the integration of technology and the development of culture-based and experiential education. Our goal is to nurture strong partnerships that strengthen our students and community and develop understanding of Indigenous knowledge, language, traditions, and culture.