image of Chief Julian Yendo School's Principal

Sylvester Boadi


Chief Julian Yendo School
General Delivery
Wrigley, NT
X0E 1E0
Phone: 867-581-3401
Fax: 867-581-3131

Our community of Pedzéh Kı̨ and our School

Chief Julian Yendo School

Chief Julian Yendo School (CJYS) is a JK- Grade 9 school in the scenic community of Wrigley. CJYS has 21 students in multi-graded classrooms with five staff members. CJYS hosts several community feasts throughout the year. CJYS hosts weekly movie nights and provides community access to the school’s fitness room. All students receive daily instruction in Dene Zhatie and participate in traditional arts and crafts classes. In partnership with Pehdzeh Ki First Nation, CJYS participates in the Annual Moccasin Spring Carnival and culture camps and CJYS provides monthly beverage container recyclable depot service to the community. Each year, students from CJYS very much look forward to and participate in The Annual Jasper/ Edmonton Snowboard trip as well as the Track and Field Championships in Hay River. Students very much enjoy school and participate in the various daily learning activities. At CJYS, we are committed to helping all students achieve their goals.