Principal - Jasna Finlay
Principal – Jasna Finlay

Jasna Finlay


Kakisa Lake School
Box 4426,
Hay River, NT
X0E 1G3
Phone: 867-825-2026
Fax: 867-825-2905

Regular Hours

Monday to Friday

9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Closed for lunch
 (12:00 PM – 1:00 PM)


Anita Chicot

Our community of Ka’a gee Tu and our School

Kakisa Lake School is a small, community-based school situated in the stunning Kakisa Lake, NWT. The principal-teacher’s primary goal with the support of our student support assistants is to create a welcoming atmosphere where all community members, including Elders, parents/guardians, and community members, are encouraged to share their expertise and knowledge with the students. Active involvement of parents and guardians in their children’s learning is highly recommended. 

The school offers after-school programs in collaboration with Ka’a’gee Tu First Nation, supported by external funding. Evening and weekend activities are also available for students to enjoy and have fun together. The school’s program emphasizes on-land learning, with annual hunting, trapping, and ice fishing expeditions. 

A good education holds immense value, providing lifelong benefits such as knowledge, understanding, and various opportunities. Kakisa Lake School strives to provide an exceptional educational experience inside and outside the classroom, fostering personal growth, accomplishment, and a pathway to success. 

Besides our regular school programming, in cooperation with Ka’a’gee Tu First Nation and through funding from outside sources, we have been able to offer a regular ‘after school’ cooking program, as well as evening and weekend programs where students can come to school to learn, work and play together.

Most years students attend a regular yearly fall moose hunt and the school operates a hunting and trapping program in the winter.