Doyle Manuel


Kakisa Lake School
Box 4426,
Hay River, NT
X0E 1G3
Phone: 867-825-2026
Fax: 867-825-2905

Our community of Ka’a gee Tu and our School

Welcome to Kakisa Lake School.  We are a small community based school situated in the beautiful community of Kakisa Lake NWT.  As principal/teacher of this one room school, my goal is to create a welcoming environment where all community members are welcome to come to school and be part of our school community.  I want the school to be an integral part of the community, a place where Elders, parents/guardians and community members feel welcome to come and pass on their skills and vast knowledge to the students. 

Parents and guardians play a very important role in every child’s learning experience.  Parents are encouraged to be active participants in the daily learning activities of their children.

Besides our regular school programming, in cooperation with Ka’a’gee Tu First Nation and through funding from outside sources, we have been able to offer a regular ‘after school’ cooking program, as well as evening and weekend programs where students can come to school to learn, work and play together.

Most years students attend a regular yearly fall moose hunt and the school operates a hunting and trapping program in the winter.