Ben Adams
Ben Adams

Ben Adams


Líídlįį Kúę Elementary School
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Fort Simpson, NT
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Renalyn Pascua-Matte

Our Community of Łı̨́ı̨́dĺ̨ı̨́ı̨́ Kų́ę́ and our School

Liidlii Kue Elementary School playground

Líídlįį Kúę Elementary School (formerly Bompas Elementary) is a K-6 school located in Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories with a student body of approximately 110 students, most of whom are of Dene or Metis descent.  Our staff consists of 6 classroom teachers, a Dene Zhati/Culture teacher, 2 support assistants, a school secretary and a custodian.

Our students follow the Alberta curriculum and enjoy extracurricular activities such as fiddle and guitar, soccer, track & field, and traditional games.  Each year our school sends a traditional games team to the Traditional Games Championships in Yellowknife.  This year our team finished 9th out of 22 teams.

Our school holds two culture camps each year, one in the fall and one in the spring.  Students are boated across the Mackenzie River to the camp on the far shore.  There, they learn many things both wonderful and important to Dene tradition and culture such as the importance of the river, catching and cleaning fish, fire building, traditional cooking, and much more.

Our Community

Fort Simpson, with a population of approximately 1200, is a village in the Dehcho Region of the Northwest Territories.  It is located approximately 500 km southwest of Yellowknife on an island where the Mackenzie and Liard Rivers come together.  These rivers were traditional trade routes of the Hudson Bay Company and the local Dene people.  The Dene people are represented by the Líídlįį Kúę First Nations, while the Metis are represented Fort Simpson Metis Locale 52.  Both groups belong to the Dehcho First Nations.

Travel to the island requires an ice road during the winter and a ferry in warmer months.  People can also fly into the Fort Simpson Airport.

The main school board office for the Dehcho Region is located here.  Also available to people is a satellite of Aurora College, a health center, a recreation center with both a hockey and curling rink, a 9 hole golf course, and an indoor swimming pool.  The village is serviced by two stores with a pharmacy located in one.  An RCMP detachment polices the area.

Fort Simpson has a subarctic climate with long cold winters and short warm summers.  Average monthly temperatures range from -24°C in January to 17°C in July.  Throughout the winter months, spectacular views of the northern lights can be enjoyed.   Summer nights, however, offer vastly extended evening light.


Benjamin Adams. School Principal & Grade 3 Teacher.

I’m a proud member of the Liidlii Kue Elementary School community as a grade 3 teacher and school principal. I rarely know what to say about myself, so I’ll try my best to provide a snapshot of some sort.

            I was born and raised in outport Newfoundland and remained there until I was 24. At 24 I decided to venture out across the horizon to explore our vast country. Tracking northwest, I made my way to Shamattawa, MB, where I thought grade 2 for a year. Shamattawa is a fly-in community in northern Manitoba. From there I made my way to Baker Lake, Nunavut, where I thought for 3 years as a grade 4 teacher. Afterwards I moved to southern Manitoba to a small community called Winnipegosis. Here I taught kindergarten and junior-high band for 2 years. And, of course, I made some lifelong friends there!

            From Winnipegosis I moved back to Newfoundland to teach in my hometown for another year in a grade one classroom. Tons of energy! I should mention that my very first teaching experiences were in my hometown. From there I moved back to Nunavut and taught a combined 5/6/7 class for 2 years and then 1 year as the resource teacher (Student Support Teacher). I truly enjoyed Qikiqtarjuaq!

            Lastly, I am now in beautiful Fort Simpson. I was the high school principal last year and this year, as mentioned, I’m working at the elementary school. We have such an amazing team of staff and students who are eager to take learning to a whole new level. Of course I cannot fail to mention our dedicated parents/guardians who work hard behind the scenes to ensure their child is sent to school regularly and communicating with us. Mahsi!

            Some of my interest: I enjoy taking my dog Kingsley for evening runs with my partner. I don’t have a favorite dish simply because I am not an overly picky eater. That said, I do enjoy Mary Brown’s chicken and taters. Can’t forget gravy! During my pastime I usually sit at my piano and pound something out; classical, rock, pop, Christian, Jazz, etc. I also enjoy snowmobiling with my partner, taking the jet skis on the MacKenzie, and hooking up my travel trailer for a weekend getaway. Whatever the mood calls for… I answer the call!

            My Family: Let’s just say I have a big one! I’m from a family of six (parents and 3 siblings). My father and brother are power engineers, both sisters are nurses, and my mother worked respite for most part, and not to mention she raised her children while working. We are close in heart but far geographically. They all live in Newfoundland and one in New Brunswick. My grandmother is 87 and grandfather is 94. I am quite proud of them as they continue to live in their own residences and stay in strong health spiritually, physically, and mentally.

            I could easily continue being boastful but want to respect my modest side, too. I always welcome visitors into my office and to give a tour of our school. Call me old fashion but drop by today for a chat and possibly some tea and biscuits if you like. Mahsi for reading my bio!

Denis Smith

Hello. My name is Denis Smith and I am the grade 2 teacher here at Liidlii Kue Elementary School. I am from Nova Scotia and I joined the school this November. Before coming to Fort Simpson to teach I taught in Cambodia, the Solomon Islands, Chile, Japan, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. I have found the community here in Fort Simpson to be very friendly and welcoming. I look forward to becoming a member of your community and continuing my teaching career here.

Jessie Horesay

I’ve been working at LKES as a Support Assistant for 30 yrs. I work along side Mrs. Whelly in grade 4. My parents are from Wrigley but I was born and raised in Fort Simpson.

Leanne Jose

Hi, my name is Leanne Jose. I moved to Fort Simpson from Nova Scotia nineteen years ago. I am the grade 6 teacher. I instantly fell in love with Fort Simpson because of the wonderful people who live here and the beautiful scenery it has to offer. My family and I have a cabin thirty-two miles down the Mackenzie river at a place called Taggacho, which we named our son after. I like to go skidooing, hunting, and any outdoor activities. Simpson is my home now and I plan on staying here forever.

Other staff who did not provide bios/pics:

Ms. Gia DePelham -Jr. Kindergarten Teacher.

Erin Jamael -Kindergarten Teacher.

Ms. Barbara Penny -Grade 1 Teacher

Mr. Jerry Chiason – Grade 2 Teacher.

Mr. Denis Smith – Grade 3 Teacher

Mrs. Jackie Whelly – Grade 4 Teacher.

Ms. Sumangala Desaigoudar – Grade 5 Teacher

Ms. Rebecca Ruda – Program Support Teacher.

Ms Ama Darkeh – Levelled Literacy Interventionist.

Ms. Bernice Gargan -Culture Language Specialist.

Ms. Bernice Isaiah -Secretary.

Ms. Karla Kraus -Custodian.

Mr. Raymond Horassi -Groundskeeper/Custodian.

Ms. Marie Hardisty -Breakfast and Healthy Snack Coordinator.

Mrs. Nicole Antoine-Hanna -Support Assistant.

Ms. Jonah Sanquez -Cultural Support.

Ms. Crystal Marshal -Support Assistant.

Ms. Newmoon Buggins -Support Assistant.

Ms. Francine Chiasson – Support Assistant.

Fort Simpson District Education Authority:

PH: 867-695-3320

Julia Erasmus (Chair)

Raymond Michaud

Renalyn Pascua-Matte

Troy Bellefontaine

Bianca Gargan

Betty Hardisty

Eliza Jane Chalifoux

Delaney Vandell

Richenda Cli (Secretary)

Liidlii Kue First Nations


Chief Kele Antoine