My name is Isey and I am the Northern Distance Learning volunteer from CUSO International, here at Łıı́ d́ lıı̨ ̨ Kué ̨ ̨́ Regional High School. I moved to Fort Simpson (and Canada!) in early August 2018 from England to pursue a life-long ambition of working with young people in a community and culture that was so far removed from my own. My own experiences at school were extremely positive, so I felt that if I could support and help young people in the same way that I was supported, then I should try to emulate the adults who taught me. The challenges working in a school have set before me have been life-changing, and the experiences I’ve had here in the north have shaped and changed the way I see myself and the path I’ll take in the future.

I have a degree in photography and a passion for all things art and literature based; if it’s creative, I always try and throw myself at it! I love cooking and baking and am a slightly obsessed bibliophile (my lack of shelf space is a slight problem back home).

I love working here and seeing my students every day, even when my lack of pop culture knowledge is made painfully obvious to everyone in the classroom. When I finally leave in the summer to go back home or continue in Canada, Fort Simpson will have a permanent place in my memories and heart.