2018-19 marks my 4th year at Fort Simpson; prior to this I have taught in Northern Manitoba and held both classroom and administrative positions in the High Arctic Region of the North West Territories. My home province is Newfoundland/Labrador, where I have taught for most of my career; my curriculum training (B.Ed. and B.A) and teaching experience have been mostly in High School English Language Arts – I also have years of experience in the areas of Mathematics and Social Studies.

Married (Tannis – who operates her own business in Fort Simpson); we have a daughter- Courtney, and a son- Cameron who are both employed and living in Ottawa.

I love the outdoors, have a passion for fishing, have a personal interest in writing/publications/photography; can find added enjoyment in practising guitar, throwing the odd stone at the curling rink, and as a side mission here in Fort Simpson I am out to increase the fan base for the Toronto Maple Leafs – Big Job !

I (and Tannis) enjoy Fort Simpson; it’s very scenic, richly cultural … Liidlii Kue School offers an excellent opportunity to continue as an educator. I look forward to continued strong relations with students, parents, staff, and the school community.