Principal Angela Griffin

Angela Griffin


Deh Gáh Elementary & Secondary School
P.O. Box 320,
Fort Providence, NT
X0E 0L0
Phone (867)699-3131
Fax (867)699-3525

Our Community of Deh Gah Got’ı̨ę and our School

Deh Gáh school is technologically positioned to have been equipped with a recent upgrade to our Broadband Fibre Optic Service, something which we know will positively impact our tech. capacity as well as the learning opportunities for our K-12 students. Our fine Hamlet of Fort Providence has a population of approximately 800 people. The school is located bankside, with the Mackenzie River and town-center, in the Hamlet of Fort Providence, a location of both community and cultural prominence. Being positioned along the headwaters of the Mighty Mackenzie River, we are 3 hours drive south of Yellowknife and 2 hours drive West of Hay River.

Just as the Hamlet of Fort Providence has a richness of cultural diversity, Deh Gáh School also shares a wonderfully diverse school culture – student and staff population alike. Our school offers an Indigenous Dene Immersion Program experience for students from Grades K-3, ( 3 Indigenous Dene Teachers and 2 Dene Educational Assistants) while the grades 4-12 students experience the English Program. Our classrooms are double-streamed except for the Senior High Program.

In my school, we have a professional staff of 11 teachers, 5 Educational Assistants, one Administrative Assistant, and 1.5 Caretakers. While we don’t have a Theatre Arts Specialist or Music Specialist at our school, we do have a Vice-Principal, a Program Support Specialiast, a Youth Counsellor as well as an Athletic Literacy Co-ordinator. Whereas the student population approximates 50% of Dene Culture, the staff represents a comparable diversity coming from geographic regions as diverse as Scotland, Germany, Portugal, the United States and a variety of the Canadian provinces. Our school staff spans the entire wonderful mosaic that the world recognizes as CANADA, including the magnificent Northwest Territories. Deh Gáh Elementary and Secondary truly represents the spirit found between the lines of our National Anthem – “True North Strong and Free!”

Our school’s student body excels with participation in programs including Canada Winter Games, Hay River Cross Country, Kole Crook Fiddle Association, Metis Dancing, Educational Excursions to a Variety of Canadian Universities as well as Europe, the Land Program, Indigenous Handgames, School-Hamlet Indigenous Drummers to mention but a few of our student program opportunities. Our school curricular and extra-curricular program is wonderfully supported by the DEA of Fort Providence as well as the Hamlet of Fort Providence. Our school success reflects a partnership of successes with many different groups within our Hamlet.

We welcome any and all visitors to Deh Gáh, with a knowledge that such new visitors may arrive as strangers but hopefully leave as new friends, of this wonderful culturally rich Northern Public Dene School. Either we hope to see you here – or we hope to hear from you!

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